90 Suprising Small Kitchen Design Ideas And Decor

90 Suprising Small Kitchen Design Ideas And Decor (64)

You finally have that home to call your own. It’s perfect, yet that kitchen is a bit tiny, but you are going to make it work in your own awesome way. There are so many different small kitchen design and decor ideas out there, and here is a great selection to help get your creative mind thinking. Even if you are not able to paint your small kitchen, some flowering plants with their vibrant green vegetation or a colorful rug with crazy designs will brighten up any space. Natural light, when possible, will give your kitchen a feel of comfortableness that you can enjoy.

There are also endless possibilities when it comes to tile, and wallpaper, and paint. From neutral colors, a traditional black and white, or even using stark contrasting colors will make your kitchen your own. Then there is paneling, and cupboards, and counter tops. Don’t feel stunted by your small kitchen, but see it as an opportunity to make it as unique as your own personality. A message board for the family, or adding a personal touch with painted phrases, is another good way to show your own style. Make it cozy; make it homey; make it yours while letting these pictures inspire you.

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