40 Best Rug Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

40 Best Rug Living Room Decor Ideas (22)

There’s just something so warm and inviting about a home full of charm, cozy character and rustic design. Back in the day, farmhouses were decorated using whatever was on hand and practical. Now, thanks to the lovely Joanna Gaines, the farmhouse style has blossomed to new heights with a more modern, rustic feel with every detail being well thought out and executed. Classic farmhouse décor brings feelings of warmth and comfort. It’s all about mixing those traditional pieces with antiques and salvageable materials like wrought iron accents and reclaimed wood. With an earthy color palette, you can really spruce up your space with a variety of décor. You want to create a space that’s both functional and streamlined. To achieve this look, opt for vintage accents or heirlooms that really pop, fresh flowers to bring in the nature of the outdoors, open shelving for storage and let’s not forget about stylish floor décor.

Yes, I’m talking about rugs! Rugs play an important role in your home décor. Not only do they protect your carpets (or hardwoods) from everyday wear and tear, but also they add texture and character to your space. Rugs serve almost like a backdrop to your furniture and have so much visual appeal. They are an effortless way to transform any room of your home and I’m going to show you exactly how you can make your home resemble a chic rustic retreat with these elegant farmhouse rug ideas.

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