25 Best Solution Camper Storage Travel Trailers Ideas

25 Best Solution Camper Storage Travel Trailers Ideas (21)

While most people choose to store their camper, travel trailer, or motorhome at a storage facility because they’re either unable or unwilling to keep it at home, there are a host of other advantages to storing your vehicle at a facility. For one, they’re more secure than your driveway or backyard; storage facilities provide fenced-in, well-lit parking areas that are monitored with onsite video cameras. Many have staff that either keep the facility open 24/7 or live on the premises, which means they’ll be able to keep a constant eye on your recreational vehicle. Storage facilities can also offer your RV superior protection from the elements with either indoor or covered RV storage spaces. Think of it like this: rather than purchase a huge canopy to cover your RV in your backyard, you can save money by renting out a covered, monitored space at a nearby storage facility.

By protecting your RV from the elements, you’ll prolong its life, save money on repairs, and have to worry less about cleaning your RV when it comes time to take it back out on the road. Some facilities offer 24 hour access storage, so you can retrieve your RV anytime. Other common amenities include wash stations to rinse off your RV before or after a road trip, and dump stations for dumping and rinsing your holding tank.

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