25 Best Farmhouse Small Apartment Decor Ideas

25 Best Farmhouse Small Apartment Decor Ideas (6)

If you’re not blessed with traditionally farmhouse style architecture, gravitate toward rustic wood pieces you can incorporate, like big tables, chairs, and even smaller accessories. Install industrial style, simple overhead lighting. Find some chicken wire or metal ceiling tiles to add into a vignette, even if you don’t physically install them. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not trying to copy a specific look.. .it’s really about capturing the farmhouse feeling.

Farmhouse style homes (yes, even those ones that teeter closer into modern or bohemian decor territory) have a soothing simpleness to them that has nothing to do with the amount of “stuff” that may be in the home. Like how I imagine living in the country might be, farmhouse style homes produce a feeling of life moving just a little bit slower. Of nature never being too far away. Of working hard and resting deeply.

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