2019 Best Farmhouse Bedding Decor Ideas And Remodel

2019 Best Farmhouse Bedding Decor Ideas And Remodel (64)

I know picking bedding for anyone is a difficult task.  With so many options out there, its incredibly difficult to narrow it down and pick just one thing.  Picking farmhouse bedding can also be difficult.  Its week three here for our One Room Challenge master bedroom remodel and I have to admit that I don’t have much to show you at this time.  We are still in the tear down mode, waiting for supplies and materials to be shipped to.  We are trying to get other things done while we wait for our flooring to show up, so we have been working on our window seat build, book shelves, and board and batten, but all of it is still in pieces in my garage.  I don’t want to install them until our flooring is in.

So, I thought that this week, I would breakdown my farmhouse bedding plan and provide a few tips as to how to achieve the look you want.

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