10 Color Schemes Ideas for Your Bathroom

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We’ve professed our love numerous times for the all white kitchen and swooned over many rooms where the ivory hue rules, but the bathroom is where our adoration for the chalky color scheme truly lies even our Instagram fans agree. A white bathroom sets our stylish hearts aflutter every time we see one. They scream classic, clean, and cool, but you don’t want them to be too cold. So how do you add warmth to a colorless space?

Barbara Sallick, co-founder and senior vice president of design at Waterworks and author of The Perfect Bath, is often referred to as the “queen of white,” and she says the white bathroom has much in common with the classic LBD. “My little black dress is a perfect fit,” she told MyDomaine. “It’s made of an elegant lightweight wool of the highest quality, the inside seams are beautifully finished, and its style and length are appropriate for a woman of my age. And with the mere change of a necklace or earrings, it can go from the office to dinner. A timeless white bath has the same approach.”

10 Color Schemes Ideas for Your Bathroom

1. White Bathroom

1. (styleathome.com)

(source: styleathome.com)

White is often called the colorless color, but I find that it has incredible range, depth, and infinite shading points. Farrow & Ball is my go to brand. I love the brand’s paint pots and the quality of the paint I have at least 20 in my basement. I have used many F&B colors, but my favorite is All White. It’s what I call a warm neutral, and it’s a great bridge between all of the tile and marble and the white of the sinks and water closets. Another universal white is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

2. Grey Bathroom

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(source: quality dogs.com)

The colour grey; it doesn’t exactly inspire the happiest of emotions does it? Whenever I think of grey I picture approaching rainclouds, old pavements and the back of train seats (I spend a lot of time on public transport sadly!) So why then is it now the must have colour for your bathroom? Over the past year or so there has been a sharp rise in its popularity, with plenty of settings now featuring the hue; and let’s face it it’s impossible to deny the fact that it does work surprisingly well.

3. Black Bathroom

3. (decoist.com)

(source: decoist.com)

If you are a touch hesitant about picking black as the dominant color for the bathroom, you are definitely not alone. The idea of black being used as the hue that defines and sets the tone for bathroom ambiance is contrary to the popular image of clean, white spa style bathrooms that grace catalog and magazine covers across the globe. In a way, we have been trained to appreciate bathrooms in lighter, less gaudy hues. Yet modern designers along with adventurous homeowners are quickly changing that trend.

4. Yellow Bathroom

4. (homedesignlover.com)

(source: homedesignlover.com)

Aside from that since the color yellow is associated with the sun so it will surely provide a more calm and cheerful effect to anyone who will use this kind of bathroom concepts. You can also apply the different kinds of paintings, tiles, wallpaper, sinks and furniture to come up with a more stylish and trendy bathroom design.

5. Green Bathroom

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(source: diabelcissokho.com)

Bathroom in green shades reinforce a theme or complement a time period. You can choose shades from lime to sage because they all looks awesome in a bathroom. If you want your bathroom become a great retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the day we recommend you to choose peaceful shades of green that evoke sense of calm. They works well with wood and other natural materials. Although if you want your bathroom to looks modern and cool you can choose more vibrant shades of green. Such bathroom would be very cool too.

6. Blue Bathroom

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(source: visitavinces.com)

Ceramic blue tiles for bathroom the same advice concerns sanitary ware small ideas include installing snow white or beige. If youre looking for a way to make your bathroom unique and look closer small blue tile first of the size is perfect big, simply chic bathroom tile design ideas is provided by alternating bands of watery blue and green glass on the small.

7. Red Bathroom

7. (decoist.com)

(source: decoist.com)

Energetic, brilliant and at times simply breathtaking, red is a color that can give even the dullest of spaces a stunning makeover. With the trend of using light, neutral tones for interiors gaining momentum in the last decade or so, red has once again found prominence as an accent hue. Yet this vivacious color can go beyond simple accents to transform your bathroom into a stylish, glittering space. While using red can be a tricky affair, the bathroom seems to be the one place where it is perfectly at home. Be it large, extravagant spaces or petite ones, fabulous red bathrooms manage to steal the show every single time!

8. Pink Bathroom

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(source: nytimes.com)

Pink bathroom is only good for girls since it is a feminine color and it is simply pretty. But we should understand that even pink is the chosen color, it doesn’t mean that the bathroom should be all in pink. We may try to consider applying or combining with different shades like white for your accessories, furniture, toilet, and curtains that will make your pink bathroom look prettier. And so to give you more ideas to achieve a pink bathroom, why don’t you check the different Pink Bathroom Designs below.

9. Brown Bathroom

9. (homedesignlover.com)

(source: homedesignlover.com)

The color of our bathroom has a great influence in providing comfort and relaxation to the one who will use it. And that is why many of us use to adorn our bathroom with a touch of brown color. Since brown is an extremely versatile colour to decorate around our bathroom. It has an ability to create a sophisticated look when mixed with other neutral shade such as ivory or white. And this brown concept is perfect to be used in the Master Bathroom.

10. Orange Bathroom

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(source: kakprosto.ru)

You should keep orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to simply combine orange with plain white. You can paint walls and ceiling in your bathroom in white but buy some orange furniture, an orange rug, an orange shower curtain and some other elements of decor in this color. That’s probably the most simple way but there are some others.

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