10 Color Schemes for your Kitchen

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So many people ask me, what color is best for kitchens. It is a personal decision however there are some things you should know before starting your makeover. When trying to decide on a color to paint your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that your color choice is a little different than painting a piece of furniture.
If for any reason you decide to move, the cabinets go with the house and if the color is not appealing to potential home buyers in the future and you need to sell your home, you will have the monumental task on your hands of repainting your cabinets yet again.

10 Color Schemes for your Kitchen

1. White Kitchen

1. white kitchen (thecabinetguide.com) result

(source: thecabinetguide.com)

White kitchens are classic. They’re bright, clean, and don’t require a lot of stressful color decisions when decorating (because literally, everything is white). But white doesn’t have to equal boring. We’ve got some inspiration for you from some insanely cool kitchens, and we promise no matter what your decorating style, you’ll find something on this list you like.

2. Grey Kitchen

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(source: domain.com.au)

Our grey kitchens are a delightful combination of modern designs and warm tones. Make your kitchen fresh. Make it rustic. Make it anything you want with our dynamic palette and customisable cabinet combinations from across our entire range of kitchens. Introduce a subtle, natural touch of grey with graphite kitchen cabinets featuring visible woodgrain. Go bold with fashionably dark, matt grey kitchen cabinets. Or, wrap up your grey gloss kitchen slab doors with all-natural oak kitchen worktops for a practical, modern farmhouse feel.

3. Black Kitchen

3. (littlevintagenest.com) result

(source: littlevintagenest.com)

Timeless, bold, and elegant. Modern design trends generally point to all white as the kitchen color palette of choice. But what about on the opposite end of the spectrum? Top interior designers are beginning to make black as common in our home as it is in our wardrobes.

4. Yellow Kitchen

4. (thestar.com) result

(source: thestar.com)

The color yellow instills, optimism, enlightenment and happiness. It carries with it a feeling of something positive, something promising. What better place to be enlightened and stimulated than at the heart of your home?

5. Green Kitchen

5. (theberkshirehouse.com) result

(source: theberkshirehouse.com)

Shades of green have always been popular, as are the colors that can be found in nature, but nature never chooses the wrong shade. Green color calms and brings the energy, depending on its tone. As with gray, green looks great with bold white. The lighting, the flooring and the furniture affect how the color will look like in the home. In addition, you can see some refreshing green kitchen designs, that surely will catch your eye.

6. Blue Kitchen

6. (contemporist.com) result

(source: contemporist.com)

Blue kitchens are a design trend that’s been around for a while now but has recently become even more popular. Dark blue kitchens add color and personality to your home without coming off as silly or overwhelmingly bright. The deep color often pairs nicely with materials like gold, marble, and steel to create a kitchen that looks and feels elegant and modern.

7. Red Kitchen

7. (bhg.com) result

(source: bhg.com)

Ranging from candy apple to rust, red is an ideal hue for kitchens thanks to its ability to incite conversation, fuel appetite, and enliven a work space. This collection of stylish red kitchen designs shows how to incorporate the warm color and spice up your own space.

8. Pink Kitchen

8. (apartmenttherapy.com) result

(source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Pink is a popular color for kitchens; it’s sweet and adds a lot of character. This kitchen also uses pink for the cabinets, but the glass fronts on the upper cabinets breaks up the view and allows for easy access to dishes even if you don’t know where they are.

9. Brown Kitchen

9. (houseandhome.com) result

(source: houseandhome.com)

I like these two toned kitchens because they are high contrast, white and wood is always gorgeous, and they are modern and rustic at the same time.

10. Orange Kitchen

10. (apartmenttherapy.com) result

(source: apartmenttherapy.com)

Orange kitchens are highly stylish and reflect the warmth of the evening sun as well as a contemporary chic look. The room undoubtedly looks very inviting and inspires the owners to cook delicious dishes and serve them. Designing orange kitchens may sound as a very difficult task but with proper planning and creativity, the task can be easily accomplished.

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