10 Best Colors for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Decor Ideas

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So many people ask me, what color is best for kitchens.  It is a personal decision however there are some things you should know before starting your makeover.  When trying to decide on a color to paint your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that your color choice is a little different than painting a piece of furniture.

If for any reason you decide to move, the cabinets go with the house and if the color is not appealing to potential home buyers in the future and you need to sell your home, you will have the monumental task on your hands of repainting your cabinets yet again.

10 Best Colors for Painting Kitchen Cabinets Decor Ideas

1. White Kitchen Cabinets

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There are certainly a countless amount of ways to remodel and style your kitchen using white kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re in the mood for a glossy, modern look, or you want to keep things rustic with distressed wood, you can use the color white to emphasize your personal style and character. Plus, there are plenty of kitchen countertop ideas with white cabinets that add a healthy amount of contrast and diversity. Mix it up with your favorite designs and styles to make your kitchen look exactly the way you want it. Here are just a few white kitchen cabinets ideas to get you started!

2. Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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Something about grey works just perfectly for kitchens. The color teeters between a relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth, managing to provide the best of both worlds. Of course, depending on what shade of grey you choose, your kitchen could be closer to one end or the other. It is the perfect color to choose for your kitchen remodeling project, whether you want to contrast brighter hues on your floor or fabrics, create textured variations in your kitchen space, or create an exciting yet relaxing space. One area where it has become common is in kitchen cabinets. More and more homeowners are opting out of the popular all white or wood brown cabinet styles to try out grey painted kitchen cabinets.

3. Black Kitchen Cabinets

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Whether you’re installing brand-new kitchen cabinets or updating the look of your existing ones, you may want to consider a bold style choice: black kitchen cabinets. Because most kitchens primarily feature lighter colors, black cabinets can provide a striking and attractive contrast. And remember that black doesn’t have to mean darkest midnight or ink black most paint manufacturers now offer a wide variety of black hues, many with interesting tones that almost cross over into gray. The color and style of the rest of your kitchen, and how bold a statement you want to make with your cabinets, will likely determine the shade of black that’s right for your kitchen cabinets.

4. Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

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Yellow can be bright and sunny to soft and buttery. It’s a great way to brighten up a space whether you paint an entire wall or just bring in some yellow accessories into your space. Yellow is the easiest color for the human eye to see, people who are blind to color can usually see yellow. Yellow stimulates your memory, your nervous system, your mental process, & it also encourages communication. Ever wonder why notepads are yellow? That’s why folks! It’s stimulating and helps your remember your little notes to yourself.

5. Green Kitchen Cabinets

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Green is truly a beautiful color for your kitchens. It is vibrant and cool at the same time. It denotes earth friendly as well as calm. No matter which shade every green seems to provide inspiration. There are lots of shades of green such as celery stalk, a lime, a sage bunch, Granny Smith apple skin, jadeite plate, asparagus spear, or a cucumber slice. It is a perfect color that will suit your theme style of your kitchen. It is the color we associate with nature or freshness and when used correctly it will provide that ideal shape for the kitchen. Shades such as crisp, lime green and bright leafy constructs a modern feel. A pale green and celery hue will provide a more subtle scheme. Rich shades like green-grey provide the warmth and cosy feeling while the mint hue gives brightness and openness.

6. Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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Your kitchen cabinets do not have to be white! Go bold with a deep navy such as Hague Blue to create a sophisticated and moody look, or use Palladian Blue to give your space a soothing coastal vibe.

7. Red Kitchen Cabinets

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There is no other color on the planet that conveys more energy and warmth or makes more of a powerful statement than the color red. Red kitchen cabinets evoke a sense of fire and sunsets and volcanic eruptions.

8. Pink Kitchen Cabinets

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The color pink is enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now, and I, for one, could not be more excited about the return of the pink kitchen. For some, the thought of a pink kitchen might conjure up images of Barbie, or one of those candy colored spaces from the fifties, but the new pink kitchen is something a little different. These rooms use subdued shades and unexpected materials to create a look that’s unexpectedly sophisticated. If you love the idea of a pink kitchen, then this roundup’s for you. If you don’t, take a look anyway you might be surprised.

9. Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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Dark cabinets will introduce a certain richness and depth that lighter colors just cannot achieve. The color invites you to linger, be calm, and ponder. While it may not trigger the exuberant feeling you get in a white cabinet kitchen, it brings about a calm excitement. The calmness and depth of dark colors work perfectly for luxury themed kitchens. However, it is important to note that dark kitchen themes require considerably more expertise and care to pull off. If you are not sure of your mix and matching abilities, you are better off seeking advice from an interior decorating expert. When matched with the right colors and textures, dark cabinets create a stunning luxe look no one can help but fall in love with.

10. Orange Kitchen Cabinets

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Red promotes the appetite and is burnt orange kitchen cabinets color for many people, yet there’s no should use a typical, straightforward red when there are so many even more modern shades to choose from. Cranberry red is one enjoyable variant that could instantaneously brighten up burnt orange kitchen cabinets. If you favor a red with even more pink, take into consideration magenta, hot pink or coral reefs. Conserved, these colors can develop an innovative burnt orange kitchen cabinets area, however combine them with white to keep the appearance from feeling too womanly. Magenta is truly striking when coupled with walnut or darker colored timber. Orange shades such as tangerine can put a modern spin on your kitchen decor.

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